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Pokemon Go Lead Community Manager suggests players should stop Remote Play and go out, Are they ‘forcing’ their own playstyle on others?

Trainers, something interesting is happening in the Pokemon Go community. Kestrel Riot, the Lead Community Manager of Pokemon Go, known as Magpie, has come forward with their take on how they prefer to play the game. It’s not often we hear from Magpie, so their recent comments have caught our attention.

Magpie’s latest post on X reveals they’re favoring less remote play, preferring in-person raids. They shared memories of catching Pokemon, all of which were from in-person interactions. According to them, raiding in person is more effective than remotely.

This perspective brings up some issues. For players in cities, it might be easy to join local raids, but what about those in rural areas or players who have friends in different locations? Not everyone can easily access a local Pokemon Go community.

It’s important to remember that the Lead Community Manager might have a different experience from the average player. This could influence their views on remote raiding, which might not align with what many players find practical.

Let’s not forget that one of the best features of Pokemon Go is the ability to connect with players worldwide, making it easier to battle and trade, all from home. This is crucial for collecting rare Pokemon from various regions. While it’s good to see the Lead Community Manager engaging with the community, they might need to consider the diverse needs of all players more closely.

Some players have voiced concerns about Magpie pushing their personal play style onto the community. They argue that it’s unfair to limit the game’s accessibility based on one person’s experience, ignoring the varied situations of players globally.

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