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Pokémon GO locks new Pokémon debut behind 12 km Strange Eggs

Trainers, Niantic and Pokémon GO have announced what seems to be the last event for January, continuing the trend of offering a mix of free and paid experiences. This time, the new Pokémon Varoom is introduced, but it’s exclusively available through 12 km Strange Eggs.

Strange Eggs, as many of you know, are collected after defeating a Team GO Rocket Leader. These Eggs generally hatch Poison-type or Dark-type Pokémon, or those that evolve into these types. Keep in mind, that they require a 12 km walk to hatch. Also, you must have enough space in your Egg inventory, Pokémon storage, and Item Bag before you take on Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo. You can’t get a Strange Egg if your storage is full.

The Taken Treasures event is where Varoom and its evolution Revavroom debut. However, Varoom will only appear in 12 km Strange Eggs and is considered to be at the highest rarity within these Eggs.

This event is the 9th event of 2024 that includes a paid aspect, and we are still in January. Certain exclusive items, such as the new Poké Ball Throw Avatar pose, can only be obtained by completing the event-exclusive paid Timed Research.

With the increasing number of pay-to-play elements, it’s becoming more evident that Niantic and Pokémon GO might need to think about a subscription model.

The current approach seems a bit much for us all. We know it’s not mandatory to get these paid tickets, but it looks like the game is becoming more pay-to-play-more game. Making a 5$ subscription would be much easier for everyone at this point.

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