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Pokemon GO Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia Arrive with Unique Adventure Effects

Pokemon GO trainers, get ready for an exciting new twist in your adventures! The legendary Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia are making their grand entrance into the game, bringing with them a novel phenomenon: Adventure Effects.

These Adventure Effects are temporary bonuses, activated by powerful Pokemon attacks outside of battle. Reports suggest that these effects occur when Origin Forme Dialga uses Roar of Time and when Origin Forme Palkia uses Spacial Rend.

During the Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh event, trainers will have the opportunity to encounter these legendary Pokemon in five-star raids. While trainers without a Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh – Los Angeles ticket or Citywide Gameplay add-on can participate in these raids, they won’t have access to Shiny versions or those that know their signature attacks until the global event.

Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia offer unique Adventure Effects. By using 5,000 Stardust and 5 Dialga or Palkia Candy, trainers can activate these effects, pausing timers on certain items with Roar of Time or allowing increased distance encounters with wild Pokemon using Spacial Rend. These effects can be extended up to 24 hours, but cannot be active simultaneously with other Adventure Effects.

Moreover, players have a chance to encounter Shiny versions of these Pokemon. However, it’s important to note that Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia cannot be transferred to Pokemon HOME at this time.

The Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh event is your gateway to encountering these legendary Pokemon with their signature attacks. Choosing the Diamond Version increases your chances of encountering Origin Forme Dialga with Roar of Time, while the Pearl Version does the same for Origin Forme Palkia with Spacial Rend.

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