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Pokémon GO player aims for Level 40 using only Gifts

Trainers, the Pokémon GO community never fails to surprise us with their creativity and determination. Different things happen every day, and this time we have a player who’s determined to reach Level 40 without using any of the features the game offers.

A Pokémon GO player started an unusual challenge, and their mission is to reach level 40 without catching any Pokémon, battling, spinning PokéStops, or using other features in the game. Right now, this player is at level 34 and is slowly but surely getting closer to level 35.

What’s interesting is how they’re doing it. They’re gaining all their XP just by opening Gifts, and that’s it. That’s the only way they progress in the game.

This guy is going for lvl 40 by catching 0 pokemon, 0 battles, 0 stops spun, etc. His only form of xp is opening gifts.
byu/PrestyRS inpokemongo

There’s one small detail, though. The player has caught one Pokémon, but that’s only because the game requires you to catch your first Pokémon to start adding friends. Besides that initial catch, it’s all been about those Gifts.

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