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Pokemon Go Player Catches the Rarest Pokemon, A Shiny Zero IV Shnundo Porygon

Trainers, an incredibly rare event happened during Pokemon Go’s Porygon Community Day Classic, leading us to possibly the player with the rarest Pokemon out there, a Shnundo Pokemon.

JarringPrism, a player who participated in the Porygon Community Day Classic, shared their unique experience on Reddit, and it’s safe to say they had an amazing time at the event. Why? Because they caught the rarest type of Pokemon in the game, a Shiny Zero IV Porygon, also known as a Shnundo Porygon.

The Porygon JarringPrism caught is a Shiny variant with zero IVs in Attack, Defense, and HP. These Pokemon are even rarer than Shundos (Shiny with perfect IVs), which makes this catch a great catch in the world of Pokemon Go.

What do you call a shiny zero IV? I’ve heard of the shundo, but never caught one and was a little disappointed I got this today
byu/JarringPrism inpokemongo

So, what exactly is a Nundo or Shnundo Pokemon?

It’s a term used for a Pokemon with the lowest possible IV combination, 0 out of 15 for each stat. Despite their lack of ‘battle skills’, these Pokemon are incredibly rare due to the limited ways they can be obtained. A Shnundo Pokemon is the Shiny version of a Nundo Pokemon.

With this incredible catch, JarringPrism might just be the winner in any “Rarest Pokemon” contest.

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