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Pokemon Go player reveals some cool visual glitches and shows how to trigger them

Trainers, we’ve got something interesting from the Pokemon Go community to share. A player known as Fragrant-Grape-3262 on The Silph Road has been hunting for game glitches, and they’ve found quite a few in Pokemon Go.

This 26-year-old has been into glitch hunting since they were nine, and now they’re sharing their discoveries with all of us. This time the player also shows how to trigger them, so feel free to learn more below.

Let’s check out these visual glitches, and see how to trigger them.

Pokemon Go All Visual Glitches

Clothing Glitches

There’s a bug with a glove in the game. When you wear it with a T-shirt, your character’s arms disappear. If you pair it with other clothes, different glitches happen. Some combinations even make parts of your character disappear.

iPhone Widget Glitches

For those who play on iPhones, widgets can cause some funny glitches. There’s one that changes how things look on your screen. It’s simple but can be pretty amusing.

Mega Evolution in PvP Glitch

In PvP battles, sometimes Mega Evolutions don’t show up right. If you start a Mega Evolution and skip some steps, you’ll see this glitch. It’s most noticeable in the Master League.

The Void Glitch

This one’s really interesting. There’s a way to get to a place in the game called ‘the void’. It looks purple and blue and quite unreal. You need to use certain icons in the game in a special order to get there. It’s more for looking at than doing anything, but it’s cool to see.

Seeing All Pokemon on the Map

There’s a trick to see all the Pokemon around you on the map. You need to do a few specific things in the game and turn on AR mode. This glitch works best when there are lots of Pokemon nearby.

The player also shared a video, so feel free to check it out below.

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