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Pokémon GO players must accept paid Timed Research in every event

Trainers, Niantic and Pokémon GO are celebrating Lunar New Year 2024 with a special in-game event. This event brings the sixteenth paid ticket in 2024, and it seems like we will be getting another paid Timed Research.

2024 seems like a big year for Niantic and Pokémon GO. They started strong, and January 2024 is packed with events, new features and Pokémon debuts, but it seems like February 2024 is going to be one of the best months this year.

Niantic and Pokémon GO announced a new event, the Lunar New Year 2024, set to go live in February 2024. According to our analysis, this event marks the sixteenth event that offers a paid experience, which clearly shows that there will be paid Timed Research for every event.

Since the very beginning of 2024, Niantic and Pokémon GO focused only on paid experiences, and according to our reports, the Lunar New Year 2024 brings the sixteenth paid experience of 2024. It is obvious that we need to accept paid tickets/experience for every event which portrays what Niantic wants from the fanbase. They offer these paid tickets every time they announce a new event, but they forget and don’t focus on the overall quality of the game.

Niantic never listened to the community and we hope 2024 is going to be the turning point for Pokémon GO. The players deserve a much better experience than what is offered by Niantic right now and hopefully, they will start listening.

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