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Pokémon GO player’s theory suggests Niantic may have cancelled GO Battle ticket due to reaching Paid Research limit

Something not nice happened a few days ago, and Niantic is to blame for what we were all looking forward to.

On January 17, 2024, Niantic gave Trainers a rather vague Tweet where they notified the Pokémon GO community that the Timed Research ticket for the GO Battle Week event will not be available in the in-game shop. This really surprised us all, and to be honest, it was a bit strange on why Niantic decided to do this.

However, one player has their theory. In a video, the player says that they think the reason behind this cancellation is quite embarrassing. If this is true, we also wouldn’t like to admit that.

The player says that Niantic’s cancellation of the Timed Research ticket is actually due to limitations in the game code. They say that apparently, there is a limited number of Special Research Ticket types that the game could handle at the same time. Niantic may have run out of room in the coding of Pokémon GO.

This Trainer also took a dive into what is happening in the game, and they say that Pokémon GO should be really careful when it comes to in-app purchases, otherwise, the game would get a frustrated fanbase.

Content that gets locked behind paid tickets is also not that meaningful, and we all think that for players to want to spend money, there should be some kind of incentive with valuable content that will make us all want to get those tickets. The Pokémon GO trend lately shows that any exclusive content that comes to the game is locked behind these so-called tickets.

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