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Pokémon GO Therian Thundurus Raid Hour guide, Best Counters and Weaknesses

Pokémon GO has a lot of events that are loved by Trainers, but when it comes to battling rare, new, or Legendary Pokémon, we all know what event is going to be on the top.

Named Raid Hour, this event is the perfect opportunity for Trainers to engage in numerous Raid Battles to get the perfect Pokémon with the perfect stats. Especially when it comes to Pokémon that are of the Legendary type. Raid Hours usually take place every Wednesday in a month, so for January 17, 2024, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time, Trainers will have the delight of engaging in a bottle with Therian Thundurus. Keep in mind that Raid Hours last for one hour, during which every eligible Gym will be hosting Raid Battles, so you will have several chances to battle Therian Thundurus.

Therian Thundurus is part of the Pokémon group called Forces of Nature, along with three other Pokémon, and it is a blue, snake-like Pokémon, with a scary look if you ask us. This Pokémon uses its tail to shoot thunderbolts, causing havoc wherever it appears. Well, given its look, this is quite expected from Therian Thundurus.

Onto the really important part, its best counters and weaknesses. Now, every Pokémon has its weaknesses, and so does Therian Thundurus. This Pokémon is weak to Rock- and Ice-type attacks, so there are several Pokémon that you can use in your team to try and defeat the Bolt Strike Pokémon.

Raid Hours January 2024 Therian Thundurus Best Counters

  • Mega Diancie – Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Mega Tyranitar – Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Rampardos – Smack Down and Rock Slide
  • Mega Aerodactyl – Rock Throw and Rock Slide
  • Rhyperior – Smack Down and Rock Wrecker
  • Mega Abomasnow – Powder Snow and Weather Ball
  • Baxcalibur – Ice Fang and Avalanche

Raid Hours January 2024 Therian Thundurus Weaknesses

  • Rock-type Attacks
  • Ice-type Attacks

What Pokémon will you be using in your team to defeat Therian Thundurus? Tell us in the comments below.

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