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Pokémon GO unreleased Mega Pokémon in the game

The Pokémon GO universe is full of all sorts of Pokémon, but the ones that we want to see are the ones with a little sprinkle of power.

The Pokémon that we are talking about are Mega Pokémon. These are the ones that go through a temporary change, where the eligible Pokémon have an increased CP. Typically, this “effect” lasts for a limited set of hours, and in Pokémon GO it lasts around eight hours. After the effect ends, the Pokémon goes back to its regular form. Now, while a Trainer has a Mega Evolved Pokémon, they can enjoy a few sets of bonuses, such as bonus candy for that Pokémon’s type, a higher chance of getting XL Candy, and many more.

We have a few Mega Pokémon in the game, but as humans, we always want more and more. That is quite understandable because we haven’t seen a new Mega Pokémon for quite some time. There are still some Mega Pokémon waiting at Pokémon GO’s doorstep though, so let’s see the list of unreleased Mega Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Unreleased Mega Pokémon

    • Mega Mewtwo X
    • Mega Mewtwo Y
    • Mega Heracross
    • Mega Mawile
    • Mega Sharpedo
    • Mega Camerupt
    • Mega Metagross
    • Mega Lucario
    • Mega Gallade
    • Mega Audino

We want to see each and every Mega Pokémon in the game, but what Mega Pokémon is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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