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Pokémon GO Wishlist For 2024, What Would Trainers Want To See This Year in the Game?

Trainers, here we are, at the very start of the new year, and it is a great time to tell the world what we would all like 2024 to look like for us.

Well, there are many wishes that every person wants to see come true this year, and given that we are part of the amazing Pokémon GO community, we have a lot of wishes of our own related to this spectacular masterpiece. Hopefully, some of them will be implemented in the game.

First off, we would like to see a “Ready” button in all Raids, and for the button to be functional even if there is only one Trainer waiting for a Raid to start. We also would like to reach the highest level available in Pokémon GO at the moment. One Pokémon that should be coming to Pokémon GO, and we are sure that all Trainers would want to see is the father of all fathers, the creator of all, Arceus.

But mainly, this year, we would love to talk to you more, and you to us. What are your 2024 wishes for Pokémon GO? Share them with us in the comments below.

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