Primateria Out Today on Steam, a New Era of Roguelike Deck Builders

Surefire.Games, a well-established video game publisher, in collaboration with the creative minds at Yfrit Games, proudly releases Primateria on Steam. This game is a revolutionary amalgamation of a roguelike deck builder and a trading card game (TCG), offering an unprecedented gaming experience.

Primateria invites players into a world where experimentation is encouraged and essential. The game allows for dynamic deck modification, enabling players to adapt their strategy as they progress. This mechanic ensures a fresh and engaging experience in every run.

Primateria eschews traditional TCG mechanics like mana and summoning sickness, introducing an infinite fusion system. This system allows for the merging of cards to generate more potent tokens, offering a strategic depth inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh!, but with an original spin. The battles against bosses are symmetric, adding to the game’s challenge and excitement.


  • A complete story mode with 9 unique quests, a thrilling story and a bunch of characters.
  • 100+ cards, with hundreds of effects, mechanics and endless combos.
  • 43 Steam achievements for you to challenge yourselves and unlock.
  • 12 unique pre-built decks with specific archetypes for you to explore, including a Random Deck for experienced players to challenge their might.
  • 20+ special items that can be found and used in runs to enhance your chances of reaching the surface.
  • 10+ challenging nodes for exploration.
  • A new and improved Endless Mode with challenging bosses, enemy encounters, exploration and much more.
  • A gallery system that serves as a compendium for all cards, items and unlockables in the game so you can track your progress.
  • A meta-progression system that allows you to gain experience, level up, and unlock all sorts of magical items and cards.
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