Helldivers 2 gets to 400,000 Concurrent Steam Players

Overtakes GTA.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2 is smashing records left and right, now boasting 409,367 concurrent players on Steam. This staggering figure has even outshone the legendary Grand Theft Auto 5 from Rockstar Games, which mustered a mere 364,548 players at its peak.

After an epic development saga lasting nearly eight years, Helldivers 2 has not only sailed past the player counts of heavy hitters like Starfield and Destiny 2 but has also forced the developers to expand their servers’ waistlines to accommodate the burgeoning player base.

It’s like the game’s popularity is on a never-ending cheat meal, having sold around one million copies by February 11th. That number’s likely gone up, possibly fueled by cosmic energy or excellent marketing.

The folks at Arrowhead are also planning to beef up their development squad for more content, hinting at a roadmap as outdated as flip phones, with promises of a fresher, more relevant plan in the pipeline.

For those in the digital age, Helldivers 2 graces both PS5 and PC platforms with the bonus of cross-platform multiplayer – because nothing says unity like blasting aliens together, regardless of your console. There’s chatter about cross-progression, though it’s as specific as finding a decent avocado at the supermarket.

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