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Japanese Pokemon Go Players Enjoy Superior Experience during Go Tour Sinnoh Global 2024

Trainers, the Pokémon Go Tour Sinnoh Global has started almost everywhere in the world, but believe me, nowhere is it like in Japan. Pokémon Go in Japan feels like you’re in a new world, full of different Pokémon. But not only the Pokémon, but the variety of colors and vividness of the map are completely different from what we are used to seeing.

The global event takes place throughout the weekend, and all Pokémon Go players around the world can participate. This weekend offers many activities, new Pokémon and their shiny forms, and various bonuses that will surely improve your gaming experience. We also have a chance to try out the new Adventure Effects.

A famous Pokémon Go player from Japan, who often brags about his achievements in the game, shared a video of the Pokémon Go map of X, and it is something that many want to experience during such events. I would love to see the diversity of Pokémon, PokéStops, Raids, and whatnot, every day. Just look at the map in Japan, according to abesanmk21, this is in Namba, Osaka, Japan, and you will see how different it is from other countries.

Players from rural areas may have a mini heart attack when they see this, so watch with caution.

So, what’s the Adventure Effect?

Adventure Effects are temporary bonuses triggered by certain Pokémon attacks that can be used outside of battles. These bonuses impact Pokémon Go gameplay in unique ways.

To activate an Adventure Effect, catch a Pokémon that knows one of these special attacks, like Origin Forme Dialga or Origin Forme Palkia. These attacks can’t be taught to Pokémon using TM. Once activated, you’ll see a quick animation followed by a timer on the Map View’s right side. The interaction radius circle might also show a special effect, signaling that the Adventure Effect is active.

How has your experience been so far? Does your map look like Japan too? Our map is far from what we see in the video, and we hope that one day Niantic and Pokémon Go will understand that there are other places and countries that want to experience this.

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