Palworld surpasses Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in Sales

Another day, another success in the world that is called Palworld.

It has officially been announced that Palworld has managed to sell over 19 million copies, 12 million on Steam and 7 million copies on Xbox. That is some great achievement for a game that came out approximately two weeks ago. Fun stuff.

It is only natural that we all start looking at other games that made the similar achievements, and our eyes quickly went to a game franchise that we all know very well, Pokemon. Some of their games are very loved by the gaming community, and we couldn’t believe what we saw.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl were released back in 2006, and even before they saw the light of day, they were dubbed as promising games. Soon after their release, or five days after to be exact, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond sold around one million copies. Currently, the latest reports on these games, which is from September 2023, shows that they have sold 17,670,000 copies.

Palworld on the other hand, came out on January 19, 2024, and it sparked all sorts of controversities, achievements and partnerships. On top of all successes, Palworld has managed to surpass Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in sales, in under two weeks, with nearly 19 million copies.

What makes this game so popular are its characters named Pals, where they can act as fighters, as farm workers, and sometimes, as a meal. Yes, a full-on Pal meal. Players are dropped on an island that is inhabited by more than 100 Pals, and the players’ tasks are to get these Pals, assembly them and survive.

Palworld is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series, and we hope that in the future the game will be available on other platforms.

Have you tried Palworld out? What are your favorite aspects of the game? Let’s chat more about the games in the comments below.

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