Palworld’s winning formula is no microtransactions, players prefer merchandise instead

Pal Tamers, have you noticed that Palworld has no microtransactions? This is a very important thing for the community and that’s why the game is much appreciated by players.

Palworld is currently the most-played video game in the world, and as such does not have any microtransactions. The game doesn’t require players to spend money to progress or catch a Legendary Pal, which makes players happy.

To be honest, for us, as a gaming outlet, it’s very unusual to come across and play a game that doesn’t have any microtransactions nowadays. Palworld is simply a friendly game, and we hope with the help and support of Microsoft, it stays that way.

You know one thing I really love about this game that no ones really talking about?
byu/ThrowawayAccount1437 inPalworld

Some players have an even more interesting idea, and we will completely agree with them. Players say they don’t like microtransactions, but they like to see some merchandise. Players hope for Depresso, Dinossom, or Anubis plushes, keychains, shirts, and stickers. Or maybe a Lifmunk pillow? How about a Chillet sleeping bag? Oh, that would be nice, right?

byu/ThrowawayAccount1437 from discussion


byu/ThrowawayAccount1437 from discussion

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you want Pocket Pair to release Pal’s merchandise? What would be your choice for a Pal plush?

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