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Pokemon Go Charged Up Research Day Electric-type Mini Event on March 3, 2024

Update: Trainers, Pokemon Go announced what’s coming in March 2024, and we can now confirm the datamine was correct.

Niantic and Pokemon Go will be hosting a Charged Up Research Day event on March 3, 2024. They also revealed all the events, Raids, Spotlight, and Raid Hours happening throughout March, so feel free to learn more here.

Previous Story: Trainers, a new image with the name ‘Charged Up Research’ was discovered, hinting at a new electric-type event.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are preparing for the new World of Wonders Season, and today is the day when we get the news and more info about what will happen in the next 3 months.

March 2024 is the first month of the World of Wonders Season. We already have one event officially confirmed for March 2024, the Pokemon Horizons: The Series collaboration event, and now, thanks to the Pokemod Group, we also have confirmation of a new mini event.

The new season will be full of events, new Pokemon, and their shiny forms, so let’s take a look at what we know about the new event.

Charged Up Research Day is a mini-electric event, in which Pokemon Go players can get Helioptile, Chinchou, and Joltik as rewards. The event is short and is scheduled to run from 2-5 pm local time.

We have to be a little faster with completing the tasks featured in this event, but we believe in every Pokemon Go player, and we know that no one will miss out.

Rumors say that March 3, 2024, was supposed to be a Raid Day event featuring Basculegion and its Shiny form. They released Basculegion during the Go Tour Sinnoh in LA and changed it to Mega Mawile Raid Day.

Mega Mawile’s Pokedex number is #303, and March 3 was the perfect day for Mega Mawile. However, they flipped the switch, and now we have an electric event.

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