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Pokemon Go down again, all features are broken


Trainers, it has officially been announced by Niantic Support that the issues have been fixed.

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Well, well, well. This isn’t a drill, nothing is currently working on Pokemon Go. Not even sure if the game itself is working.

It has been reported by multiple Trainers that they have encountered several problems with the game, mainly with PTC, Gifts and Team Go Rocket battles. This isn’t good guys. At the moment of writing, there is radio silence from Niantic’s side, and we don’t know when and if these problems get resolved with the speed of light.

Players have stated that they have encountered problems with the Trading system in Pokemon Go, saying that a pop-up is appearing that says “Favorite Pokemon cannot be traded” even though the Pokemon to be traded is not highlighted as a favorite one by a Trainer. There are as well as problems with the Friends List, and players can’t see their entire Friends List. How sad.

Well, we decided to create a list of problems that are happening in Pokemon Go at the moment, so here it is.

Pokemon Go current problems

  • Friends List – can’t be retrieved
  • Gifts- can’t be opened
  • Trading
  • PTC – Players can’t log in through PTC, so there should be an alternative login method
  • Login through Google – unavailable
  • Randomly removing Friends from Friends List
  • Pokemon de-spawns – “Error” message displayed
  • Pokemon Tags not available
  • Team Go Rocket Battles – “Unknown Battle Error” displayed
  • Buddy Hearts – disappeared

Have you encountered any other issues? Please tell us in the comments below.

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  1. I can’t do routes on my phone. I tried creating one, but it was glitchy and couldn’t follow it. I tried following an existing route, but still couldn’t follow it. How am I supposed to complete tasks requiring I follow a route?

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