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Pokemon Go Ghost in the Machine Rotom Quest

Update #2: Rotom Timed Research is now available globally. The code is also available to claim. Code: 0HY0UF0UNDM3

Update: Trainers, the quest has been removed, which only confirms our theory that someone pressed the Go Tour Sinnoh button a bit early.

Previous Story: Trainers, a new Ghost in the Machine quest was is now live in the game, and it looks like it has everything to do with Rotom.

The Ghost in the Machine quest has only one step, and one task named “Catch me if you can.” The rewards are 30 Rotom Candy, 479 Stardust, 479 XP, and Rotom.

Ghost in the Machine

  • Catch me if you can: 30 Rotom Candy
  • Rewards: 479 Stardust, 479 XP, and Rotom

In the featured image at the top of the article, you will also notice a code 0HY0, followed by 8 hidden boxes of symbols. According to their official announcement, Pokemon Go players must work together and decipher the code to unlock an encounter with Rotom.

They clearly say “Once Trainers at Rose Bowl Stadium decipher the code, Trainers worldwide can redeem it, too!” which means someone pressed the wrong button again, and made this quest available globally.

NOTE: Let’s assume there is a code we have to claim after we complete the quest. Android users are no longer able to claim codes via the app. All codes must be claimed via the Pokemon Go Web Store.

We are still gathering info, and more details are coming soon.

Until then stay with us, and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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