Pokemon GO increases Pokemon and Bag Storage right in time for GO Tour Sinnoh

Pokemon GO has announced a new expansion to storage for both Pokemon and items. This comes just in time for the Go Tour Sinnoh Event, allowing players to gear up more than before.

Niantic has implemented an increase in storage capacity in response to widespread requests for more space. This upgrade is perfect for trainers, enabling them to expand their collections and prepare for adventures without the constraints of limited storage.

  • Pokemon storage: 7300 → 7800
  • Item storage: 6300 → 6800

With the latest update, the Pokemon Storage limit has been risen to 7800. In parallel, the Item capacity has also received a boost, now allowing trainers to hoard up to 6,800 items. This increase from the previous 6,300 limit offers additional room for gameplay items such as Poke Balls, potions, and berries. These items are indispensable for trainers engaging in battles, participating in raids, and capturing new Pokemon, especially during high-stakes events like the Go Tour Sinnoh.

To access these updated storage limits, players are advised to restart the game.

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