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Pokemon Go Latias has Ridiculous Catch Rate, Three Encounters, All Three Ran Away

Trainers, the Legendary Duo Latios and Latias have their Mega Evolutions available in Tier 6 Raids until February 15, 2024, and after defeating them, you will get a bonus challenge to catch Latios or Latias, but it appears that they are exceptionally hard to catch. Why, you may ask? Well, players have reported that their flee rate is absurdly high, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.

Each time a Pokemon breaks free of a Poke Ball takes with it a chance to flee the encounter. The CP, berries, or any other factors do not affect flee rates apart from the base flee rate of a Pokemon.

A Pokemon will have its chance to flee only on each encounter it isn’t caught.

One player faced up to rather a bitter encounter from Latias in Pokemon Go. They defeated the Mega Raid Boss three times in a row, but on all occasions, Latias ran away. The catch rate for both Latias and Latios is quite low, and unfortunately, no trick can improve it. This may be interesting that this fall in catch rate seems to have started today, so let’s stay on the alert and see if something changes within a day.

The player has lost three Mega Latias, but at least received Mega Energy for this Pokemon.

Why even try to raid?
byu/bio-logic inpokemongo

The player lost three Latias, but at least they received Mega Energy as a reward.

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