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Pokemon Go Origin Palkia and Dialga Special Moves, what are the chances of getting them?

It seems that there is some confusion going around in the Pokemon Go world, but we are here to solve it. At least a portion of it.

As we are now in the middle of the Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh Global event, many players are literally hunting down any Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia Raids, and we all know what we want to get from them. The Adventure Effects that these two Legendary Pokemon have.

Now, Adventure Effect is a temporary bonus activated through the Pokemon’s attack, which can be used outside of battles. Origin Forme Dialga brings Roar of Time, used to pause the timers on Premium Items such as Incense, Lucky Egg and Star Piece, while Origin Forme Palkia has Spacial Rend, an Adventure Effect that allows players to catch Pokemon at an increased distance.

Some of us thought that we will get either Pokemon with their signature move, no matter the Badge/path we have chosen. Well, it appears that this isn’t quite correct.

Apparently, if you chose, let’s say, the Diamond Badge, you will get an Origin Forme Palkia with Spacial Rend, but there is no guarantee that you will get an Origin Forme Dialga that knows the special move Roar of Time. You will still have a chance of getting the Pokemon with the special move, but they are slim. The chances are around 1/7.

Still unfair, but it is what it is. All that is left for us is to keep trying to get an Origin Forme Palkia/Origin Forme Dialga that knows Spacial Rend/Roar of Time.

Did you get any of these Pokemon with their signature move? Tell us in the comments below.

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