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Pokemon Go player reveals Daily Increase in Lucky Trades during Lunar New Year 2024

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go are celebrating the Chinese New Year with a special event dedicated to Dragon-type Pokemon. This event offers many useful bonuses, and we want to focus on the increased chances of getting Lucky Pokemon when trading Pokemon with Friends.

During the Dragon New Year: Dragons Unleashed, the chances of Lucky Pokemon from trades are higher. One Pokemon Go player keeps a daily record of how the number of Lucky Trades increases and was kind enough to share the numbers with the rest of the community on X. But first, let’s refresh our memory about Lucky Pokemon and trading Pokemon with Friends.

Lucky Pokemon are Pokemon that have minimum IVs of 12/12/12. You can get these Pokemon only by trading with Friends. When you make this exchange, the Pokemon you get has a chance to be a Lucky Pokemon. Oh, and I almost forgot. Lucky Pokemon require less Stardust to power up.

Pokemon Go players can trade any Pokemon except Shadow Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon (Meltan and Melmetal can be traded), Pokemon received through trading, current Buddy Pokemon, and Pokemon that are not at full HP.

To trade Pokemon, you must be in the same location as your Friend, within 100m. Then, you select the Trainer you want to trade with from the Friends tab in the Trainer Profile, select the Pokemon you want to trade and confirm the trade.

Now, let’s get back to the topic and see how the chances of getting Lucky Pokemon during the Lunar New Year Dragons Unleashed increase daily.

Jeroen026 is a Pokemon Go player and content creator from Belgium who keeps track of the Lucky Pokemon trades every year during Lunar New Year events. The player shows how the chances of getting Lucky Pokemon increase day by day, so feel free to see the odds below.

Lucky Pokemon Trades Increase Daily

On the first day of the event, February 5, 2024, Jeroen reported only 4 Lucky Pokemon from 95 trades. On the second day, they received 16 Lucky Pokemon from 101 trades. On the third day, February 7, the player got 20 Lucky Pokemon from 101 trades.

Or in percentage:

  • 4% Day 1 – February 5
  • 15% Day 2 – February 6
  • and close to 20% on Day 3 – February 7

The event is not over yet, and we are curious to see if the chances keep increasing.

How many Lucky Pokémon have you got so far? Our numbers aren’t as high as Jeroen’s, and we bet your Lucky Pokémon trades are higher than ours. Care to share?

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