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Pokemon Go players enjoyed the latest Team Go Rocket event

I was appalled when I heard that the latest Team Go Rocket event was quite enjoyable, and I am sure that you are too.

As we all know, a few days ago we were part of a Team Go Rocket Takeover event, where we were promised all sorts of things. First off, there weren’t any significant bugs and other problems, and there were Team Go Rocket balloons everywhere, as well as bonuses and whatnot.

Now, a player over on X tweeted that they really enjoyed the event, and that they were quite content with how the whole Team Go Rocket Takeover was organized. One thing that I was surprised to hear was that many, many players appreciated that there weren’t any event-themed spawns.

As many players, including the X user, said that often times they felt pressured to do everything in order not to miss anything. This means that players were rushing to defeat Team Go Rocket members, balloons, catch event-themed Pokemon, as well as trying to hatch Eggs.

The balloons seemed to be appearing quite often during the event, instead of a quite scarce schedule, where no Trainer seemed to find them. In previous events, the Team Go Rocket Leaders weren’t appearing as often as they should’ve, and they were quite far from each other.

Even the survey conducted by the X user showed that from 2,587 votes, approximately 51% enjoyed the recent Team Go Rocket Takeover event. Which is really great to hear in times where everything seems to be going absolutely wrong.

The one and only complaint that was stated by the user was that it was absurd to lock a new Pokemon behind 12km Eggs, and the Egg pool was watered down. Plus, there wasn’t any reduced hatch distance, which would’ve come good in an event where a new Pokemon is locked behind a 12km Egg.

Overall, there were quite positive answers to this Team Go Rocket Takeover event, and I am really glad to hear that.

Did you enjoy the event? How many 12km Eggs did you hatch? Tell us in the comments below.

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