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Pokemon Go Players Prefer Long Quests over Timed Quests

Trainers, in the world of Pokemon Go, we have many possibilities. We can catch Pokemon, battle them, save them from the ‘Pokethirsty’ Team Go Rocket, and enjoy all the events, bonuses, and rewards. The game also offers Special and Timed Research storylines, which are usually available with each new event.

Timed and Special Research are often paid quests that players may or may not have to complete within a certain period. The first type, the Timed Research, always comes with an expiration date, while Special Research storylines can be completed at any time.

There are no special things you need to know about these quests, except that we must respect the ticket availability time, and we must complete a certain Timed Research during an event time.

The famous Cowboy Hat Caterpie shared his thoughts on longer quests, specifically about the Masterwork Research: Glimmers of Gratitude. He stated that he prefers longer quests, as long as they are not timed, because “It gives me a chance to work towards something at my own pace.”

Many players, including ourselves, believe that Special Research quests are better and more engaging, especially for those in rural areas. Without the need to rush, players can progress through tasks at their own pace and complete the Special Research whenever they feel like it.

The last such quest, which is long and timeless, is Glimmers of Gratitude. This Masterwork Research is not very different from any Special Research. Specifically, the Masterwork Research is a more difficult, time-consuming, timeless quest.

Which type of Research quests do you prefer? We would like to hear your opinion, so please leave a comment below.

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