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Pokemon Go Spacial Rend works with PoGo Plus+

The Pokemon Go community is in a total frenzy with the new Adventure Effects, and we all are yet to discover how they work, and with what they work.

Well, a fellow Redditor/Trainer has informed us all of something very interesting. They say that Spacial Rend, the Adventure Effect and signature move of Palkia, does work with a device known as PoGo Plus+. That is quite convenient, because we all know that Spacial Rend brings wild spawns at an increased distance, and PoGo Plus+ is used to catch Pokemon. Fun, right?

Now, let’s say a few words about Spacial Rend Adventure Effect. This Adventure Effect is related to Origin Forme Palkia, and it is dubbed as the signature move of Origin Forme Palkia. In Pokemon Go, to use this effect, first you need to have an Origin Forme Palkia that knows the Charged Attack Spacial Rend. If that is secured, well, on the card, at the very end, you can see a button for the Adventure Effect. Next thing you need to have secured is Stardust and Palkia Candy. For ten minutes, you would need five Palkia Candy and 5k Stardust. The Spacial Rend Adventure Effect provides an increased distance of wild spawns.

Pokemon Go Plus+ is a device that connects to your phone through Bluetooth, and you can use that device to spin PokeStops and throw PokeBalls. Catching Pokemon without batting an eye, neat. Also, linking the device with the game will provide you a Special Research with Snorlax wearing a nightcap as an encounter. To make things cuter, the Pokemon Go Plus+ device has a Pikachu built-in that sings lullabies and wakes you up whenever you need to.

So, combining Spacial Rend and Pokemon Go Plus+ will do wonders.

I am here to confirm that Spacial rend does seem to work with pogo plus +!
byu/HyperShadow95 inTheSilphRoad

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