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Pokemon Go Storage Hacks, Organize Your Collection Like a Pro Trainer

Are you one of those players who constantly run out of Pokemon Storage? If you’re tired of having to make decisions over which Pokemon to keep and which one to transfer, then worry not, we have your back. We have some tips for you that will be useful in managing your Pokemon storage better and faster, so feel free to learn more below.

A dedicated Pokemon Go player faced the same problem and came up with a solution. The player designed a scheme for intelligently organizing your Pokemon via tags and query searches, making it easier to manage your storage all the way.

Following these techniques, they were able to reduce their collection from 500 Pokemon they were at, to 180.

The key tags are recommended below:

  • ★★★.96-★★★.98 and ★★★★: Use these tags for Pokemon with IVs ranging from 96% to perfect (100%). These Pokemon are highly valuable and should be kept.
  • ☆: This tag is for Pokemon with 0% IVs, interesting to have but not particularly useful.
  • Replaceable: Mark Pokemon you know you’ll use often or want to keep as placeholders but might transfer later.
  • Besties: Use this tag for Pokemon you simply want to keep around, whether for trading or sentimental reasons.
  • PvP: Tag Pokemon suitable for Player vs. Player battles and optionally mark them as Replaceable if they’re worth keeping.

Now, let’s simplify your life with these pre-defined search queries:

Finding 96%+ Pokemon: To identify Pokemon with IVs of 3 stars (96%) and 4 stars (100%), use these search queries and tag them accordingly.

For possible 98% Pokemon:

  • 4 attack & 4 defense & 3 hp
  • 4 attack & 3 defense & 4 hp
  • 3 attack & 4 defense & 4 hp

For possible 96% Pokemon:

  • 3 attack & 4 defense & 3 hp
  • 4 attack & 3 defense & 3 hp
  • 3 attack & 3 defense & 4 hp

To tag 4-star 100% Pokemon, simply search 4*.

Finding Pokemon to Transfer: To identify Pokemon with 2 stars and below that you haven’t marked for keeping, use this search query. Check for 0% IVs or those suitable for PvP and tag them accordingly. Also, tag the Pokemon you want to keep as replaceable.

Here’s the search string:

  • !☆&!★★★★&!★★★.96-★★★.98&!pvp&!shiny&!legendary&!ultra beasts&!mythical&!costume&!replaceable&!besties

Always out of Pokémon storage? Here’s how to stay on top of it (just copy and paste!)
byu/StickBit_ inTheSilphRoad

With the use of these tags and searches, follow these tips and you could find yourself better managing your Pokemon collections, finding more space for the items that you actually want to keep around.

Please note that these recommendations are based on a player’s experiences and preferences.

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