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Pokemon Go Tour 2024 issues, Niantic fails to fix Remote Raids

It is nothing new to have a buggy and glitchy event in Pokemon Go, but it can become quite a problem when an event where hundreds of people are participating, to have this much bugs and glitches and all sorts of mix ups.

As we are in the middle of the ongoing Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh 2024, the players who were present reported all sorts of things that went totally wrong. Mind you, Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh 2024 was supposed to be problem-less. But, oh well, nothing new.

Our favorite Pokemon Go content creator, PokeAK, has told us what is actually happening in his latest video, what the problems are, and how Niantic failed to handle everything. First off, there were multiple problems with Remote Raids, where many players couldn’t join a Raid using a Remote Raid Pass, as well as the ones that did manage to join, were kicked out of the Raid just as it was about to end. Mind you, we have some serious Pokemon featured as Raid Bosses. However, this is not fixed yet, at the moment of writing.

The next thing that went wrong was the whole delay fiasco, as well as lag issues. Many players were unable to get Pokemon Go on their devices to work properly. Some reinstalled the game, and they were in the middle of Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh LA 2024. Other players didn’t get any spawns for quite some time. Niantic should’ve handled this problem better, instead of tweeting that players should come early for the second day of the Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh LA 2024 event. Total misery.

There were all sorts of other problems, but these were the main ones that affected the event gameplay. I am hopeful though that Niantic will manage to fix everything before the next big event, which is the Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh 2024 Global event.

Did you have other problems? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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