The 2024 GLAAD Report on LGBTQ Representation in Gaming, 17% of Gamers wave the LGBTQ flag

So, GLAAD, those champions for LGBTQ rights, just rolled out something pretty cool, their first look into how LGBTQ fit into the gaming scene. And guess what? A solid 17% of gamers wave the LGBTQ flag, proving they’re just as game-crazy as anyone else, maybe even more.

They teamed up with Nielsen Games for this, speaking with over 1,400 gamers across the US about their gaming life from mid-summer 2023. They made sure to hear from many LGBTQ gamers to get the full picture.

According to reports, more gamers are identifying as LGBTQ now than back in 2020. In 2020 only 10% of the gaming community reported being part of LGBTQ, and the number kept rising to 17 at the moment. Most of them are younger and they love Nintendo.

Even though LGBTQ gamers are out there making their mark, there’s barely a whisper of LGBTQ stories or characters in the big game libraries. They’re all kinda dropping the ball on this, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, you name it. This is odd because GLAAD found that seeing LGBTQ characters does wonders for LGBTQ gamers.

Even cooler, the fear that LGBTQ content might scare off gamers? Totally unsupported. Most gamers really don’t care if there’s an LGBTQ lead character. Some are even more into it.

GLAAD’s message is loud and clear. The gaming industry needs to catch up and start reflecting the real world’s diversity.

They’re calling for more games with LGBTQ characters and bringing more LGBTQ voices into the game-making process, too.

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