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Where is Arceus? The big question for Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour

A very exciting event is on the horizon, and we have all the information, but one thing is missing. It’s a really important thing. The Alpha Pokemon.

Known as “The Original One”, Arceus is the Pokemon that many players will do anything to see in Pokemon Go. This one is believed to have created the entire Pokemon universe with its god-like appearance. Arceus is described as a white, equine Pokemon with an androgynous appearance, but to make it short, Arceus’ appearance is pretty much divine. That is all we have to say about this amazing Pokemon.

It has several forms, and they are the following.

Arceus forms

  • Arceus Normal form
  • Arceus Fighting form
  • Arceus Flying form
  • Arceus Poison form
  • Arceus Ground form
  • Arceus Rock form
  • Arceus Bug form
  • Arceus Ghost form
  • Arceus Steel form
  • Arceus Fire form
  • Arceus Water form
  • Arceus Grass form
  • Arceus Electric form
  • Arceus Psychic form
  • Arceus Ice form
  • Arceus Dragon form
  • Arceus Dark form
  • Arceus Fairy form

As you can see, Arceus has eighteen different forms, one for each type. As an addition to this, Arceus is the one and only Pokemon (that we know of) that can have Multitype as an Ability, as well as learning the move Judgement (a move that can disintegrate the landscape).

As part of the Sinnoh region, Trainers really, really want to see Arceus’ arrival in Pokemon Go. With the Go Tour Sinnoh right around the corner, Niantic hasn’t really revealed whether or not they will release the Alpha Pokemon. We don’t believe that they will though, but it is good to daydream sometimes.

The Go Tour Sinnoh offers both a ticketed and free experience, but that is not what the Pokemon Go community is really concerned about. We all want to see Arceus join the game, and we really hope that we will see the Alpha Pokemon in the Go Tour Sinnoh event. It is kind of ironic to launch an event dedicated to the Sinnoh region without the main character, Arceus.

We really hope that Niantic and Pokemon Go are keeping its legendary arrival under wraps, and surprise us in the most amazing way in the history of Pokemon Go.

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