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Niantic Must Urgently Fix Account Recovery Exploit, Pokemon Go Players at Risk of Account Hack

Trainers, a huge loophole has appeared in the system of how a Pokemon Go player can get their account back, and some have already started abusing it. This is an old trick that we didn’t believe worked, but it seems we were wrong.

There is an old trick in the book of tricks, in which one player can take over another player’s account, with just a few screenshots. Some time ago, the account of one of the most famous Pokemon Go players was hacked, and we think the hacker used the method we mentioned above.

Apparently, when you get let’s say suspended in Pokemon Go, you can appeal and bring your account back if you just send some evidence to Niantic from “your” account. Then, the team at Niantic, most likely bots, will give you access to that account.

So here is what seems to happen in the case of FleeceKing and his account getting hacked.

MasterWarlord, the person behind all of this, got suspended from playing Pokemon Go for 30 days on March 11, 2024. He shared the “Account Suspension Notice” on X, saying “I want to try something. This could be funny.” He then left a comment on the same thread, pretty much confirming what he has now done to FleeceKing, “ItsFleeceKing will be the 1st target.”

So, we guess MasterWarlord took his time, made a plan, took screenshots from FleeceKing’s account, appealed for the account, Niantic gave him access, for him to come on X again, confirming the hack with a video and saying “Why be a king when you can be a god.”

Hopefully, Niantic will find a solution and can and will restore FleeceKing’s account.


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