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Pokemon Go: Another Account Hacked, Niantic Unhelpful, Players Suggest Turning to The Pokemon Company for Help

In a series of hacked accounts, we have yet another account breached, with no luck getting it back at the moment.

A Reddit user going by the name u/CartographerOther936 has shared with the Pokemon Go community that an unknown person has hacked their account and then explained what that account means to them.

They have been collecting Pokemon from all over the world, with an abundance of Shiny Pokemon, as well as many Legendary Pokemon that they and their daughter have been collecting for eight years.

They suspect that their account was hacked through PTC, and the hacker changed the Trainer ID and unlinked all other login functions such as Facebook and Google. The Trainer immediately contacted Niantic but with no luck. Niantic is not helpful at all, informing the Trainer that they should discover the new Trainer ID, as well as the Trainer code. But how would the poor Trainer know the new Trainer ID and Trainer code, if the hacker deleted the account’s Friends List?

Niantic Support informed the Trainer that they can’t help them anymore in the case, and they even said to email them back if the Trainer finds out the new Trainer ID. This is absurd. Niantic should do anything in their power to bring back hacked accounts, yet they don’t do anything.

Other Trainers suggest turning to The Pokemon Company and trying to ask Tech Support there. They could try to recover the account with the username and/or password as it was before the hacking happened. Then, affected Trainers should talk with Niantic Support about their ability to restore the Pokemon Go account to the state it was before the hacking happened.

This is a long shot, but it is worth trying. It is a serious security threat, and Niantic has to fix it before many Trainers are affected.

I need help: my pokemon go account was hacked and, after five days emailing with Niantic Support, it is clear they wont help
byu/CartographerOther936 inTheSilphRoad

A total shame. This shouldn’t be happening with a game of this rank of popularity. Niantic must take this seriously and act on it immediately.

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