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UPDATE Pokemon Go FleeceKing Hacked, ‘Why Be a King When You Can Be a God’ Says Hacker

Update: Trainers, after 24 hours, FleeceKing managed to get his Pokemon Go account back, and expressed appreciation to everyone for reaching out with care, concern, and love.

FleeceKing confirmed that Niantic helped him get his Pokemon Go account back, but did not share any details.

Previous Story: Trainers, this is not something you see every day, and let’s be honest, it’s not humane either. FleeceKing’s account was hacked, and the hacker even had the nerve to share it publicly on X, with the words “Why be king when you can be a god.”

FleeceKing is among the best in Pokemon Go, and he doesn’t deserve something like this. His account, all Pokemon, achievements, time, and money, are related to Pokemon Go. FleeceKing is all about Pokemon Go, and we hope he will keep breaking records and sharing videos.

The hacker behind this whole thing is well known to the Pokemon Go community, and this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.

MasterWarlord is known for his scams among the Pokemon Go community, but this time he took it a little bit too much. Please keep in mind that we are talking about the first level 50 in Pokemon Go, who also has his place in the Guinness World Records.

It’s a shame to see something like this. No one deserves this, least of all FleeceKing. He always shared interesting videos and images, and everyone loves this guy.

FleeceKing confirmed that Niantic are working on getting his account back, so let’s see how things will go.

We are very sorry that this happened to FleeceKing, and we hope that Niantic can get his account back and all the Pokemon and everything that was deleted from it.

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