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Pokemon Go Lure Modules, what are they and special evolutions

There is a Premium Item in Pokemon Go that is quite helpful, and it can trigger some special evolutions. That Item is called Lure.

The Lures, are devices used by Trainers to increase spawn rates in the game. But unlike Incense, Lure Modules attract a certain type of Pokemon, so look at it as a helping device to get the desired type of a Pokemon.

So far, there are six types of Lure Modules that Trainers can use, and each of them has its own ability. Some of them can even help you get the evolution you have always wanted to get. Lure Modules are attached to a PokeStop, so you would need to be near one in order to feel its effects. These Premium Items have a duration of 30 minutes, or more if there is any bonus active in Pokemon Go.

As I mentioned, there are six types of Lure Modules. The most common one, known as Regular Lure Module, with the pink icon, gives Trainers the ability to attracts Pokemon that are regular spawns at the moment for a total of 30 minutes.

On the other hand, the frosty Lure Module, known as Glacial Lure Module, not only attracts Ice-type and Water-type Pokemon, but it can also activate evolutions to get Glaceon from evolving Eevee, and Crabominable from Crabrawler.

Mossy Lure Module is another type of a Lure Module that can attract Bug-type, Grass-type and Poison-type Pokemon for 30 minutes (or more if there is an active bonus), and can trigger Eeveelution for Leafeon.

Magnetic Lure Module is a silvery-type of a Lure Module that has the ability to attract Electric-type, Steel-type and Rock-type Pokemon, and trigger evolutions to get Magnezone, Probopass and Vikavolt.

Rainy Lure Module is basically self-explanatory, and I think that by the name you can already guess that when activated, it can lure Water-type, Bug-type, and Electric-type Pokemon to your location, as well as evolving Sliggoo to Goodra.

The rarest Lure Module, and the newest one, is definitely the Golden Lure Module. This has a special effect to it, where it turns a blue PokeStop into a golden PokeStop. It is quite hard to get one in Pokemon Go, but when you get it, you can use it to get Gimmighoul Coins from Roaming Form Gimmighoul.

Keep in mind that to feel all the effects from Lure Modules, you need to be near the PokeStop where you activate it.

There are a few other Premium Items you can have in Pokemon Go, but Lure Modules are definitely my favorite at the moment.

What about you? Which Premium Item do you like?

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