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Pokemon Go player has an interesting “item idea” on how to bring back your Pokemon stuck in Gyms

We all have been there when our Pokemon have been stuck in Gyms for ages, with nobody in sight to kick it out. So, those poor Pokemon are defending the Gym for all eternity.

Well, a Pokemon Go player (we know how creative Trainers can get) has a brilliant idea on how to solve that problem, and we do hope that Niantic will implement it in some way or another.

The Trainer going by the name u/CombProfessional434 has published on Reddit their idea about an item that could be implemented in Pokemon Go, where you could whistle to your Pokemon that is stuck in a Gym to come back. The item would be called a Poke Flute. I have a Metagross stuck in a Gym for almost two months, and I would like to do something to bring it back. Enough is enough.

Other players agree with it and even added solutions of their own, where Niantic could implement a feature where if the Pokemon isn’t fed, it should faint and return to the Trainer automatically.

This is a cool idea, and kudos to the Trainer for the creative ways of trying to solve a big problem in Pokemon Go.

A “poke flute” would be a great item idea to use if you need to get back Pokémon from gyms
byu/CombProfessional434 inpokemongo

Do you think Niantic needs a solution for all Pokemon stuck in Gyms? What do you think about the flute idea?

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