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Pokemon Go players stuck at Party Challenge screen after game crashes

This is a bug, yes, but I guess that it is a superbug. When two bugs combine together, they surely become invincible, right?

At least that is what is happening with Pokemon Go at the moment. Locations are nowhere to be found, severe game crashes and whatnot, and the latest one seems to be tied to both the crashing bug, and a Party Play bug. Several players around have been reporting this “insect” that greatly impacts gameplay, and it is annoying.

Trainers describe this problem that is happening when two Trainers are in a Party. You know, the famous and glitchy Party Play feature. This time, Pokemon Go crashed for these two Trainers right after Trainer n.1 tried picking a new Party Challenge. They have tried anything, from restarting the game to reinstalling it, but nothing worked. Upon relaunching the game, Pokemon Go brings Trainer n.1 back to the Party Challenge screen.

You will say that they can choose the challenge and move on, but the thing is, the screen freezes. I stand corrected here though, this is a third bug involved here too. Oh, how fun it is to be a Trainer.

The only solution to this problem is to wait out for the Party to be over, which is exactly one hour. Apparently, nothing else has been working at the moment of writing.

However, if you do have a solution for this, please tell us, so that we can help the community.

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