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Pokemon Go Tour 2024 It’s About Time and Space Special Research Changes, Steps Reset, and Version Swap

Something strange is happening in Pokemon Go, and I don’t like it.

Ever since this Special Research arrived in Pokemon Go, it has had some major problems. First, it was a few glitches here and there, and now, a whole page is skipped without any reward claims, and some even get their version swapped.

Trainers are reporting that there is something wrong with the It’s About Time and Space Special Research, because upon opening Pokemon Go, they got Cliff’s dialogue, and immediately skipped to the next page, which is page three.

Many of these Trainers didn’t have time to collect their rewards. It almost looks like the progress has been completely reset. However, this seems to be the problem for the Trainers who chose the Diamond path, and when this reset happened, they were given the next step from the Pearl path.

This is a rather strange force update, to be honest. I am not sure as to why Niantic is opting to reset the progress of Trainers, even change their path. They did change all the steps to be more generic after the Pokemon Go Tour 2024 ended, but I am puzzled as to why this is happening right now.

This might be a big bug on Niantic’s hands, so I hope they fix it as soon as possible.

Did these changes happen to you? Have you contacted Niantic Support about it? Let’s talk more in the comments.

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