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Pokémon GO Players Lost Purchased Avatar Items, Will They Receive Refunds?

Trainers, Niantic and Pokémon GO implemented the first of four major updates, but it didn’t go well. Many players do not agree with this change, and they do not like the new customization options. Anyway, this change remains, but one thing we are interested in, is what will happen to those items that Pokémon GO players have spent money on?

Niantic and Pokémon GO have announced a new wave of changes that would improve our gaming experience. As we already mentioned, the first of the four updates is already live, and by May 7, 2024, all four will be implemented.

The first update is called Rediscover Yourself and focuses on the Avatar in Pokémon GO. Players will now be able to choose multiple body shapes, eye colors, and skin tones, and mutilate their Avatar.

We don’t know if Niantic is serious about this change, and if they are playing a prank on us, but they have to change something ASAP.

Now, let’s get back on topic and see what happens to all those Avatar items that many paid for and now can’t wear. Indeed they can, but the game requires them to pay again.

Pokémon GO players who had explicit Avatar items, and who paid to have their Avatar, are no longer able to equip these items and are looking for a solution to the problem. The North Face T-shirt is gone, the Loppuny Avatar set is gone, some things are misshapen and you can’t wear them, Fashion Week items are gone, and Giovanni’s suit too.

What will happen now? Will Niantic and Pokémon GO refund what was spent or maybe they will find a way for all players to get their premium items back?

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  1. Hopefully, Niantic will get a grip from the community over this update. It has definitely stirred up some anger and frustration with how the new avatars look. I was not aware that some players lost items, which is completely unfair. Niantic surely has to do something about that at least. I have noticed that players with buddies such as Eevee are also having a hard time on their avatar screen since Eevee is just floating there.

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