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Pokemon Go Shiny encounters seem boosted all day long

Today, I opened Pokemon Go, and I saw something very strange. Every Pokemon I clicked on was different from what I was used to.

At first, I thought that it is April Fools’ Day, since you know, this is the day where jokes are made, but as I clicked and caught, clicked and caught, all Pokemon seemed to be Shiny. Literally every Pokemon that appeared on my map.

Other players are reporting that every Pokemon they encounter on the map turns into a Shiny Pokemon encounter. One even said that they encountered a Kecleon on a PokeStop, and it turned out to be a Shiny Kecleon. Mind you, Shiny Kecleon is one of the rarest Shiny Pokemon in the game at the moment.

Did Niantic turn on the Shiny button today, on April Fools’ Day, of all days? Or did they really get pranked like you right now?

April Fools’ Day, dear Trainers!

No matter our biggest desire, there will not be an abundance of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

How many Trainers did you turn your jokester side on? Tell me Pokemon Go-related jokes, so I can prank some more, in the comments below.

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