Among Giants will showcase Their Backpacking RPG Albatroz at Wholesome Direct 2024

Among Giants is going to introduce their backpacking RPG Albatroz at the Wholesome Direct 2024 event. This event will have Albatroz as a guest on June 8th at 9am PT / 6 pm CEST. Trust me, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.

What’s even better? The latest demo of Albatroz has just landed on Steam. This is your chance to jump into a world packed with adventure. Imagine traversing stunning yet dangerous terrains, meeting plenty of intriguing characters, and discovering some of the roughest hidden secrets. Basically a glimpse into the game’s narrative and even more.

Albatroz spins the tale of Isla, a determined protagonist on a mission to find her lost sibling in The Forbidden Lands, a mythical, enchanting world where two realms converge. It’s designed to draw you into a deep narrative filled with characters that add real depth and intrigue to Isla’s journey.

As you head Isla, you’ll meet new friends and explore diverse cultures while embarking on a journey of self-discovery. The game’s beautiful, mysterious locations invite exploration. But beware, the wilderness isn’t friendly. You’ll need to use various equipment, items, and skills to survive the harsh temperatures and dynamic environments.

Features of Albatroz

  • Follow a deep narrative with captivating characters.
  • Meet new friends and discover new cultures in a quest for self-discovery.
  • Travel through beautiful and mysterious locations as you walk and drive through vast landscapes and face the wilderness.
  • Utilize different equipment, items, and skills to withstand harsh temperatures in a dynamic environment.
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