Bandai Namco Releases Godzilla DLC for Dave the Diver

We’ve got some epic news to dive into today. Bandai Namco dropped some straight fire with their latest DLC and upcoming game teasers. Let’s break it down.

Dave the Diver X Godzilla DLC is live and FREE. Yeah, you heard me. Free. You get to dive into three new missions featuring none other than Godzilla and Ebirah. Imagine getting close with the King of Monsters while collecting figures and whipping up some new dishes. If you’re a fan of Dave the Diver, you do NOT want to miss this.

Now, let’s talk about the big guns. We’ve got Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO, and Little Nightmares 3 to spook us all. But the most important part is the juicy stuff about Ace Combat 8.

So, there’s this leaker, Midori, who’s been pretty spot-on with Sega and Atlus stuff, right? When someone asked about a Tales of Destiny Remake that never happened, Midori responded: “The next large-scale project for Bandai Namco is the Chronicle project in development with support from ILCA and ORCA.” Then someone else guessed it was the next Tales game, saying “I think it is Ace Combat 8″.

Okay, it’s not 100% confirmed, but in August 2021, they said the next Ace Combat was happening, and it will use Unreal Engine 5. Bandai Namco even teamed up with ILCA, forming Bandai Namco Aces in 2022. So yeah, all signs do point to Ace Combat 8 being the Chronicle project.

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