Elixir Games Announcing Acquisition of RoboKiden and Strategic Partnership with Ava Labs

There is going to be a little shift in the gaming industry, in hopes that it will result in something powerful.

It has been announced by Elixir Games, a leading entity in the Web3 gaming industry and backed by very powerful names such as Square Enix, that they are progressing with the acquisition of RoboKiden, which is an intellectual property developed by Breach Studios. The latter studio is composed of professionals who worked on Assassin’s Creed and Rainbox Six Sagas.

The acquisition is a strategic move, that will bring some attention to Elixir Games’ portfolio, and mainly to establish RoboKiden as a flagship title with key support from Ava Labs.

“Our goal at Elixir has always been to bring engaging and innovative IPs to our platform, which is why we’re incredibly excited to bring RoboKiden to our community,” said Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games. “By partnering with Ava Labs, leaders in the development of Web3 tech specifically designed for gaming, we can’t wait for players to start diving into this vibrant arena shooter.”

A little bit more on RoboKiden, for the ones who are yet to be acquainted with it. RoboKiden is an upcoming free online third-person party shooter which will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is set in a whimsical battle arena with colorful characters, which are surrounded by robots. Players will be battling alongside friends in the arena, and the game promises a fresh experience for all.

If you thought that this is it, well, Elixir Games also revealed their strategic partnership with Ava Labs. This is merely to leverage Avalanche’s infrastructure, which will provide seamless, low-latency gameplay. Also, they will fortify the digital ownership rights, all while establishing RoboKiden as a flagship title.

“It was very clear to our team that RoboKiden presented an incredible opportunity to bring an exciting new IP to Web3 alongside Elixir, a premiere platform for blockchain games,” said Parker Heath, Senior gaming BD. Combining our expertise in Web3 infrastructure with Elixir’s platform and years of experience incubating new projects will deliver an unparalleled gaming experience, empowering players with true ownership of in-game assets and the potential for player-driven economies. This collaboration marks an exciting new chapter for both RoboKiden and the future of gaming.”

RoboKiden is set to release in July 2024, and it will be featured as one of the highlighted games of the Season Pass, a fairly new feature through the Elixir Launched.

Elixir Games is set to redefine how gamers interact with games, and we truly hope this will change how we view some things.

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