Gray Zone Warfare “What Comes Up” Quest Guide

What Comes Up is a quest guide in Gray Zone Warfare, given by Handshake. The quest requires you to further investigate the Lamang Airfield and get a flight recorder.

Important: Keep in mind that this task interferes with “Too close to the Sun“, which is a quest given by Lab Rat. That means you’ll have to choose who to return the quest item to. I guess the one with lower reputation is always better.

What Comes Up Quest Details

I have a mission for you that will require a certain amount of discretion. Are you up for it? Good. Thanks to the flight data that you acquired, we now know that there was a plane in the air precisely above the place where s*** hit the fan. Naturally, they went down, but everything about their final voyage was stored in a black box, which all these planes carrying rich pricks have as a little extra insurance policy. It is in our best interest that the black box doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, so I’ll need your help locating it and bringing it back to me.

From the manifest, we know that it was a regular night sightseeing flight, starting at Pha Lang Airfield and then heading south over what we now call Ground Zero. We have no idea what happened then, but we may assume they tried to return to the airfield from the southeast and crashed about a click from the airfield, so I’d start searching there. If the pilot managed to line the plane to the runway, it should be as easy as following its direction, but if not, you’ll have to look around a bit.


  • Retrieve the flight recorder and report back to Handshake
  • Locate the flight recorder


  • M4A1
  • USD 7,000/50,000
  • Experience: 1000
  • Reputation: +150



The location for this quest is northeast from the Airfield. The location can be found below:


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