Leclerc and Albon will Rev Up for F1 24 ‘The 10 Racers’ Virtual Showdown in Monaco

Charles Leclerc and Alex Albon are jumping into a virtual race in Monaco. These guys are going from real-life racing to the digital track, and it’s happening today, May 22, as a part of the new F1 24 game launch hype.

Nope, they are not alone, too. Global football stars like Diogo Jota and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are joining too. Plus, some big-name content creators like WillNE and Chesnoid will be a part of it. It’s a wild mix of talent, all coming together to duke it out on the virtual streets of Monaco. And the best part? You can watch it live on the official Formula 1 YouTube channel at 19:00 BST. That’s 20:00 CEST and 14:00 ET for all your time zone warriors.

The YouTube player for the race premieres in 8 hours from the time of this writing, and can be found below:

F1 24 is coming out on May 31, and it’s supposed to be the most realistic F1 game ever. They’re introducing this new Dynamic Handling feature from EA SPORTS, which is supposed to make the cars feel even more precise and lifelike when you’re using a wheel or a controller. Plus, there’s a revamped Career mode and some updates to the classic circuits.

If you pre-order the digital-exclusive F1 24 Champions Edition, you get some sweet perks such as a new-season F1 team liveries for use in F1 23’s Time Trial, James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya as Icons, 18,000 Pitcoin, an F1 World Bumper Pack, up to three days of early access starting May 28, and a bonus VIP Podium Pass. The Standard Edition’s got some goodies too, with 5,000 Pitcoin and an F1 World Starter Pack.

Collette Gangemi from Formula 1 said this event is gonna be a blast, giving fans a sneak peek into the game and kicking off the weekend’s racing action in Monaco. And Lee Mather from Codemasters? He’s hyped about blending F1 talent with celeb fans for a fun-packed race evening to launch F1 24.

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