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Pokémon GО Datamine Shows Changes to Apex Lugia, Community Suggests Shiny Apex Lugia Raids

Trainers, as we get closer to this year’s Go Fest, Niantic and Pokémon GO are slowly changing and adding new things to the GM files. The Pokémod Group are always here to keep us posted on all the new stuff, and this time they revealed changes to Apex Lugia.

Apex Lugia first appeared in Pokémon GO on February 26, 2022, during the GO Tour Johto event. Only those who had a ticket for the Special Research story, which led to the exclusive Masterwork Research story and encounter with Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh, could catch Apex Lugia. But it seems like things may change, fingers crossed, and we will get the chance to encounter and catch this Pokémon again in the game again, maybe in Raids.

The well-known Pokémon GO miners, The Pokémod Group revealed something very interesting, and that is changes in the Apex Lugia files.

The change applies to Physical Attack, but there aren’t any specific details on what it is. Some say that they will do a physical and special attack and defense split and that this is an indicator that Apex Lugia might return, this time in Raids. We just have to wait and see what happens next. Check out The Pokemod Group’s post below.


We don’t have any concrete opinion on what this could mean, but we support players who say that Apex Lugia may appear in Raids. That would be great, and everyone would get a chance to catch this rare Pokémon.

And it wouldn’t be bad if they also released Shiny Apex Lugia, right?

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