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Pokémon GO interest dropping after recent updates, who is to blame for that?

After the big drama, are more and more players not interested in Pokémon GO anymore?

The most popular game where many players can roam around and catch Pokémon looks like its popularity is dropping. While it is unlikely that this situation will go on, it shows that Trainers are very disappointed by the Rediscover GO updates meant to change how we play and view our beloved Pokémon. You all know how much you love them, I know I do.

One update had the purpose of changing how Avatars look, and we know how that went. Filled with drama, anger, and disappointment, that update should’ve never happened. The next one introduced more visuals into Pokémon GO, and I think that while it was a good update, Niantic should’ve done better. They know how, but they don’t have the wish do to that. The third was the inclusion of Pokémon into their respective biomes, and the last one was changes to the AR system in the game.

Since the whole mess of Rediscover GO, fewer players are active in Pokémon GO, and I am sad to see that happening. There aren’t any Raid invites, while before the changes I was filled with invites to battle against Raid Bosses. At the moment I am hearing crickets. My Pokémon are now stuck in Gyms for ages.

Some players say that Niantic made a big mistake in removing support for Android 8 since many people don’t want to buy expensive phones just so they can play Pokémon GO. Others say Pokémon GO feels dry at the moment, with nothing interesting going on in the game. In contrast, while we were in the pandemic, that was a different time, filled with all sorts of interesting things to do. Now it is all paid tickets or some events with zero value.

I wouldn’t say that Rediscover GO is the main problem here, but combined with everything, I think that players are trying to say something to Niantic, but they just won’t listen.

Do you feel the same? I hope I am wrong though.

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