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Pokémon GO multiple crash reports, GBL and Team GO Rocket Battles affected the most

Things are starting to boil now, and I don’t like it.

I have been seeing reports of Pokémon GO crashing for several days now, and the latest ones show that the most affected parts in the game with game crashing is when Trainers are battling against Team GO Rocket Leaders, and whenever the event announcements tab is opened. There are other aspects of the game that are being affected right now and are making the game unplayable.

Several Trainers say that Pokémon GO freezes on them whenever they are trying to fight a Team GO Rocket Leader, and this happens the most while trying to block a Team GO Rocket Leader’s Pokémon attack. They all tried restarting the game and reinstalling it, but that didn’t work at all.

Another Trainer says that Pokémon GO is freezing just by opening the game, and the uninstall/reinstall trick works, but they have to do that every few hours. That is seriously annoying.

The problem with the Buddy Hearts is still persistent though, and nothing has been fixed since I first reported on it. In my opinion, that problem even got worse. And I know what you might say, that a new phone is needed, but is that really the solution? I see Trainers with brand-new devices having this problem, so it is on Niantic’s end, and they should fix it.

Do you have any problems with lagging, freezing, bugs, or glitches? Please report in the comments below, so that we can bring Niantic’s attention to them.

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