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Pokémon GO Recent Datamine Shows Changes in Party Play, more Zygarde Cells per Routes and Partial Rewards

It looks like Pokémon GO will be going through another change soon. Nobody knows when, and most importantly, if that changes happen.

There is a group of people who are known as dataminers in the Pokémon GO community. They make sure to keep us updates with any changes that might be coming to Pokémon GO by going though any changes happening in the GameMaster file.

With that in mind, everything that will be shared here isn’t officially confirmed, so it might happen a month from now, a year, or maybe it will never happen. The point is to take everything with a grain of salt because anything can change at any moment.

Starting off with something that Trainers have been wanting for a long time, and that is being allowed to share items. There are some code lines that are suggesting this will happen, but it will be available through the Party Play feature. There is going to be a whole message, suggesting that items that have effects will be eligible to be shared. Of course, there will be limits to the number of shared items.

The datamining also suggests that if a Trainer comes late, or leaves early, they will not receive the full duration, meaning that they will experience the effects during their Party Play time.

Onto the routes. It is possible that Trainers can earn up to 3 Zygarde cells on a single route, and there will be two new badges. There will be a quest for completing an X number of routes, plus new tags of routes, as well as tag categories. Another datamined thing is that Trainers can earn partial rewards for completing a route they haven’t traveled the full route.

So far, this looks good. It is another thing to read it, and see it in action in Pokémon GO.

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