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Pokémon GO Ultra Space Wonders Event Announced, New Ultra Beasts and Shiny Mareanie Debut Confirmed

The wonders are neverending, and Trainers will be Ultra happy when they hear what Niantic has in store for them.

Beginning May 23, 2024, and ending May 28, 2024, Pokémon GO players will be able to participate in the Ultra Space Wonders event, where they will meet all sorts of new Ultra Pokémon, and catch many wild Pokémon.

The new Ultra Pokémon that will be making its way into Pokémon GO is Naganadel, the Poison Pin Pokémon, which is the evolved form of Poipole. Trainers will need 200 Poipole Candy after catching 20 Dragon-type Pokémon with Poipole as their Buddy.

Stakataka, the Rampart Pokémon, is coming through Five-Star Raids in the Eastern Hemisphere. The same goes for Blacephalon, but this Pokémon will be present in the Western Hemisphere.

While the event bonus will not thrill you as much, but it will help a little bit. The bonus is 2x XP for winning Ultra Beast Raid Battles.

As wild encounters, there will be many Pokémon spawning on the Pokémon GO map. Plus, Shiny Mareanie will be the Shiny Pokémon making its debut in the game.

Ultra Space Wonders 2024 Wild Encounters

  • Ekans
  • Zubat
  • Tentacool
  • Koffing
  • Stunky
  • Croagunk
  • Trubbish
  • Skrelp
  • Mareanie
  • Dratini

The Raid schedule is also very busy and filled with a lot of Raid Bosses that Trainees have been asking for so long.

Ultra Space Wonders 2024 Raids

One-Star Raids

  • Paldean Wooper
  • Hisuian Qwilfish
  • Hisuian Sneasel
  • Bagon
  • Deino

Three-Star Raids

  • Galarian Weezing
  • Druddigon
  • Turtonator

Five-Star Raids

  • Stakataka (Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Blacephalon (Western Hemisphere)

Mega Raids

  • Mega Pidgeot

Trainers can take advantage of the event-themed Field Research tasks, and the encounters that come from it.

Ultra Space Wonders 2024 Field Research Task Encounters

  • Nidoran (female)
  • Nidoran (male)
  • Trubbish
  • Mareanie
  • Goomy
  • Jangmo-o

If you remember, there is an entire World of Wonders Special Research, and the final part of it will become available to all Trainers at the start of the Ultra Space Wonders 2024 event. The ones that will complete the tasks will earn XP, Rare Candy, Mysterious Components, encounters with event-themed Pokémon, and Poipole Candy.

If you thought that there wouldn’t be any Paid Timed Research, you are wrong. For $5, there wi be an event-exclusive Timed Research that will grant four Premium Battle Passes, one Lucky Egg, encounters with Mareanie, Naganadel Wings Avatar Item, and more.

Lastly, there will be Collection Challenges with XP and encounters with Mareanie as rewards and new Avatar Items.

Ultra Space Wonders 2024 Avatar Items

  • Naganadel Jacket
  • Naganadel Pants

To celebrate the event and the arrival of many new Pokémon, there will be an Ultra Raid Box for $19.99 on the Pokémon GO Web Store. It will contain 25 Premium Battle Passes, three Remote Raid Passes, and ten Rare Candies.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there will be PokéStop Showcases available, and event-themed Pokémon will be eligible to enter.

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