Sanctua’s First Trailer Revealed, an Asymmetrical co-op Party Game

There has been a brand-new trailer for Sanctua, an asymmetrical co-op party game created by Jason Nicot, the genius behind Choose Red, this game takes you on a wild ride through an ancient Egyptian tomb.

So, Sanctua is set in this cursed Egyptian tomb where players team up to survive all kinds of deadly traps, cursed creatures, and, of course, the big bad guardian spirit that’s out to get you. You know how it goes, teamwork makes the dream work. Or, in this case, teamwork keeps you from getting your face melted off by ancient curses.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, Sanctua looks gorgeous. The level of detail in the environments is insane. It’s got that top-down camera view, which is pretty unique for a party game like this. Makes it more accessible to strategize and see what’s coming at you, assuming you’ve got enough torches to light your way. And despite its spooky setting, it’s not overly violent, so everyone can enjoy it.

Here’s where things get interesting. Sanctua is all about asymmetrical gameplay. That means while most of you are trying to find a way out of this tomb, one of you gets corrupted and becomes the evil entity trying to take everyone else out. It’s like Dead by Daylight meets Egyptian mythology. And with the tomb’s layout being procedurally generated, every playthrough differs.

The reveal trailer can be found below:

Key Features

  • Explore an ancient tomb – Find a way out, discover the mysteries of this lost sanctuary, gather clues and unlock the main gate before the corruption seals you all within its terrifying confines. Sanctua offers a new experience in each game, with a randomly generated tomb layout, random gadgets and mechanisms.
  • Asymmetrical Co-op – Play as one of the explorers looking for the exit or as the evil that tracks them down. Which role would you prefer to play as?
  • Communication is key – Talk to each other over ingame voice chat to share discovered knowledge and work together to outsmart the monster! Discover gadgets, and clues about how to use them effectively. Avoid traps, and noisy wildlife triggers. But stay silent, or the Ancient evil will hear you.
  • Death is not the end – Corruption is everywhere, and certain conditions can turn your body into a lifeless creature that can decide which side to help.
  • Conceal your curse, or not? – Should you play as the ancient, then the corruption is now your life source, and your obsession to protect your sacred chamber knows no bounds. Keep your corruption level in check to avoid fainting. Track, trap, and hunt down the explorers to neutralize or convert them.
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